Seeing the world through own eyes


SVACKSHEE means ” Seeing the World through Own Eyes ” in Hindi.

Who We Are?

We, SVACKSHEE /स्वाक्षी (Society for Voluntary Action with Community-based Knowledge for Sustainable Health, Education and Empowerment) Sansthan is registered in March 2010 under the Societies Registration Act 1958 of Rajasthan as an organisation.

What We Found?

Our team found out the child education in Alwar District was awful. The dropout rate of girl child in primary and upper primary schooling stage is very high. Interaction with parents and community members indicates that girls are marginalized in every form of schooling.

How Do We work?

As an organisation, we started with 8 children in July 2010 as our first experimental primary school. Between 2010 to 2017, we run Svackshee Learning Centre. Now this experimental school converted into Resource Pre-school under the EHSAS Project lauched in 2017.

Our Vision

We envision a community where people are enabled and empowered to have better understanding. Control on their lives, which is free from social evils, prejudices and biases, and they lead a better life in all aspects.

Impacting the World 

By providing our unique quality learning program to Young Minds, makes them responsibility with full freedom early head start. This prepares them for modern world to face realities of life in more practical way.


Our first experimental primary school in Bidarka village of Kishangarh Bas Block, in Alwar district of Rajasthan, India.

With a positive dialogue between the parents and our team, gradually children enrolled in the nearest government school and We reached up to 150 children by the end of 2015.Now this experimental school converted into Resource Pre-school under the EHSAS pilot project. We are extending EHSAS program with proven results to 25 Anganwadis ( Social Welfare Centre by Government).

You are most welcome to be part of our projects. All donations tax exempted under 12A and 80G. Download Project Reports Using Icons: 


EHSAS (एहसास)

Early Head Start Action by Svackshee - EHSAS (एहसास)-Through our interventions in Anganwadis (आंगनवाड़ी, नंद घर) which we officially “adopt” with the help of ICDS, we work on a sustainable model to rejuvenate these preprimary schools and make them functional institutions where 20-30 children come and attend


Due to closure of Anganwadis and Schools, Svackshee decided to start the first part of their Mobile Library project. Funds were allocated through Fund Raising campaign run by Svackshee on various forums. 

SARAL (सरल)

Supportive Action for Rejuvenating Active Learning – SARAL (सरल). This initiative is to raise resources for creating infrastructures for active learning for children

SPARSH (स्पर्श)

Sponsorship Program for Educating Rural Children SPARSH (स्पर्श). Through this initiative we are raising sponsorships for children..

SAMEEP (समीप)

Strengthening Active Management for Education, Empowerment & People)This initiative is to raise resources for creating infrastructures for active learning for children.


Competed Projects 

Between 2010 and 2015, we run Svackshee Learning Centre at Bidarka village in Alwar district. School strength went up to 150 children before converted into Resource Pre-school under the EHSAS project.

On Going Projects

Creating emphasis on pre primary education through the Anganwadis which is a government measure in linking children in the 3-5 years bracket to the educational system through EHSAS project since 2017.

UpComing Projects 

To engage children in academics,who marginalized by poverty, ethnicity, disability, location or gender & etc. Every experience, learning and behaviour they adopt, is an investment in a more fruitful future.



Sense of Realizations, 
EHSAS Program

Be part of SVACKSHEE's enabler by being a volunteer or donor. You can also connect with us to corporate sponsors.

All donations are tax exempted under 12A and 80G. 

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Learning with Fun, no punishments whatsoever!
Bridging family! We are part of your family!


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